Why train in winter?

The summer fun is well and truly over, and it’s time to find another way to socialise to stop you from becoming a winter recluse. Cycling is a free and easy way to get out and see people through the winter months. Make it fun, a challenge, a regular meet up, and who knows you could even encourage them to participate in London to Brighton, too!

Starting your training early in winter means time is on your side. It gives you time to gradually build your fitness at your own pace by increasing your distance each time you go out. The more you go out the more confident you’ll feel on the road. And by starting in the winter months, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing by the time spring and summer roll around. You’ll have time to build a relationship with your bike, learning how it works, how to fix it, and most importantly, what to name it! So although going out into the dark winter months might not seem appealing now, by braving training in the winter, come those long summer evenings, you’ll be fitter and more confident – and able to just truly enjoy cycling!

You’ll improve your mood

Cycling through the winter will help keep those winter blues away! We all know that getting outdoors and cycling will can improve your physical health, but many of us have a dip in mood over the winter months, and cycling can also have a positive effect on your mental health. Exercise increases your level of endorphins which are a natural mood lifter – and getting outside to cycle will maximise the amount of natural light you see, lifting your mood even further.

Guilt free tea stops

You’ll be tackling the elements as you cycle during the winter months, we don’t doubt there may be some rides where you can’t feel your fingers anymore. Which only means one thing – you must stop off at the next coffee shop, and treat yourself to your favourite hot drink to warm up! In the winter months’, stopping off for a hot chocolate or two is completely justifiable.

Winter beauty

Those beautiful winter days where the frosted air is crisp, the sky is a rich blue, and the hazy sun lights up your breath are what make cycling in winter all worthwhile. Your usual ride through the parks, roads, country hills and city skylines are seen in different winter light. The shorter days allow you to see the winter sunrise and sunsets, giving a whole new meaning to riding into the sunset.

So don’t let the cold keep you indoors! Get fitter, get more confident, have a guilt-free hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful views whilst cycling in winter.

Now we’ve tempted you to get out on your bike during the colder months, the next step is to make sure you’re prepared for the winter rides. Read our blog on how to prepare to ride in the winter. |From safety, to what to wear we’ve got it all covered…


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