Warm-up Sessions

Prepare with these warm-up options ahead of the main sets that follow. Choose one to start your session depending on how you are feeling or what your stroke might need at this time. Distances assume a 25m pool.

Technical Warm-up
Up to 16 lengths (or eight minutes) as:

  • Four lengths front crawl aiming to breath to both sides
  • Four lengths front crawl but with 5m of legs only off each wall, hands by sides
  • Four lengths front crawl with six Torpedo Rotations of each wall, finish the length full stroke
  • Four lengths front crawl: Clench fists for 5m into each wall and off each wall, then normal front crawl for remainder of length (400m).

Fitness Warm-up
Four lengths front crawl, three lengths pull, two lengths drill, one length kick

  • Leave the pull buoy at the opposite end after the pull and then use it for the 1L Kick as an outstretched float. 2x (500m)

Long Distance Warm-up
Work though as far as time allows for warmup

  • Eight lengths front crawl, six lengths pull, four lengths drill, two lengths kick
  • Six lengths front crawl, four lengths pull, two lengths drill
  • Four lengths front crawl, two lengths pull
  • Two lengths front crawl (1000M)

A sub set ahead of the main set can be of use to fully finish the warming up phase with some higher efforts to elevate the heart rate. Try 8x25m resting 15secs, swim as 10m hard into 15m easy efforts with great swim technique.

Swim Down
Try to finish each main set with 3-5mins of easy swimming to lower the heart rate and resume a restful state. Use fins, paddles & snorkel for two lengths, then remove a piece of equipment after another two lengths until your just swim your normal stroke unassisted. This will help restore some accuracy to your swimming if fatigued.


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