Smart swimming

Don’t get caught out and find yourself short of practise ahead of Swim Serpentine – follow our useful tips to make sure you have a great day in the open water before and after the event.

Be Prepared

Like any challenge, the more you prepare for your open water swim the more enjoyment you will get out of it.

  • Do: Practise in the pool to gain fitness
  • Do: Swim in open water to gain confidence and experience
  • Do: Start training now!
  • Do: Try out your gear before you swim
  • Don’t: Swim open water in a daft place! Find out the safest spots from local swimmers.
  • Don’t: Swim alone – have a buddy for moral and safety support.

Post swim routine

On a cold day you want to keep yourself as warm as possible; when you have finished your swim you should get changed into warm clothing as soon as possible and wear a hat to keep warm. A hot drink is also a good idea, so consider taking a flask if you are swimming somewhere without a club house or café.

You may experience mild shivering as your body starts to warm up from a long swim.

Open Water Swimming is a wonderful sport and the Serpentine is steeped in open water history. We look forward to welcoming you to Swim Serpentine.


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