Open Water Swimming Skills Session 4: Speed and Endurance

Teaching Point

This main set has an open water theme in that it recreates the continuous nature of open water swimming. We also utilise this in a way that the set becomes harder as we perform more of the ‘dead turns’, yet keep the interval the same, suggesting less rest unless you try harder. Two styles of set here.

Speed Option
This works best in a 25m pool due to the increasing number of turns performed ‘dead.’ Wall one is your initial push off to start the 100m swim. Without a streamlined push off from the wall, you lose momentum and have to pull/kick your way back to swim speed.

Select an interval for all 4x100m swims that gets harder to make, and offers perhaps 10 secs rest on swim no.3 or just go with 20 secs rest throughout until you are familiar with a challenging interval.

Three to five blocks of 4x100m front crawl as follows:

  1. No touching at wall three
  2. No touching at walls two and four
  3. No touching any wall
  4. Touch all the walls as a recovery swim (1200-2000m)

Endurance Option
Similar to the Speed Option but longer blocks of work.

  • 400m with a pull buoy, no touching wall at shallow end/odd length end of the pool
  • 400m with fins, no touching wall at deep end/even length end of the pool
  • 400m fins and paddles, no touching any walls
  • Repeat as 300m, 200m & 100m (3000m)


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