Reboot 2019


A yearlong plan on how to support Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Our Gift to you

In March we launched Reboot 2019, with talks from some of our country’s leading academics on the 4 pillars of Physical Health – Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight, Nutrition. Followed by a yearlong plan of events, activities, talks and articles. To get involved contact us here.


The Club at The Ivy

Fri 1st March 2019


RunThrough Hyde Park

Sat 13th April 2019


London to Brighton

Sun 16th June 2019


Swim Serpentine

Sat 21st September 2019



Tue 22nd October 2019


Mini Triathlon

Sun 17 November 2019


We bring you the latest Inspiration & Knowledge on the 4 pillars of Physical Health – Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight & Nutrition. As well as training and support for the 4 events throughout the year – Run, Bike, Swim, Mini-Tri.

The year’s programme of events and experiences
culminates in a November Finale

A celebratory day with an inside/outside mini Triathlon at its centre. The Purpose of the day is to bring the learnings across the year into a fun day open to all.

Our year’s Campaign is in support of Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Awareness, Knowledge, Funding

In 2019 our focus will be to raise awareness & knowledge of the impact your Physical health has on your Mental health – we are calling this “Mental Health Matters” – and importantly to support the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, one of the countries leading charities on Depression. To find out how you or your company can take part please register your interest here.

The Wondr Project

The Wondr Project is the name we give to our Research in better understanding how to design really meaningful experiences, in order to help people perform to their best in the good times and build resilience in tougher times.

Our area of learning is within the field of positive psychology & neuroscience. We are particularly interested in the link between Peak Experiences and Peak Performance – and we have been influenced by the likes of Maslow, Haidt, Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, Frankl to name a few.

Over the last decade we have been learning and developing our ideas into Talks, Webinars, Events, Activities & Digital Content (web, social, film).

Reboot 2019 we are focusing on the link between Physical and Mental Health and creating a programme of events, experiences and activities to help people better understand how to embed these learnings into their day to day lives. It is also to have fun, while at the same time being underpinned with a sincere message and cause.


1st March


13th April


16th June


21st September

Indoor Mini-Tri

17th November

We plan to hold a City Retreat where we can take a deeper look into these areas. More information to follow.
Upcoming Event


Indoor/Outdoor Mini Triathlon

Sun 17 November 2019